WP8 Integration and coordination of Agent Based models

CRISIS is a large, complicated project with ambitious goals and therefore it is essential to coordinate the activities above carefully. This package is devoted to coordinating the other work packages and integrating their outputs.

The members of this work package will work closely with the researchers in each WP, in order to carry out the following tasks:

  • Integrate the financial and macro ABMs into a single simulator
  • Develop new methods for calibrating and validating economic ABMs
  • Take a leadership role in setting the vision of the project, including brainstorming to help solve problems that are encountered, holding regular discussions with project leaders, monitoring of progress, and coordinating all issues involved in integration
  • Explore the properties of the General ABM   to obtain a deeper understanding of systemic risks and non-linear feedbacks underlying financial and macro-economic instabilities.

Key objectives

  • Produce a properly calibrated and validated General Agent-Based model, which integrates the FABM and MABM that will allow us to answer the scientific questions posed in the project
  • Produce an economic simulator which can be used by policymakers, and which will demonstrate the power of agent-based modelling in economics as a quantitative tool
  • Create an on-line game with a user community, and show how it can be used for calibration of an agent-based model.


  • D8.1           An economic on-line game with a community of users, producing data on their choices
  • D8.2           A scientific report to present and discuss the general agent-based model of the macro and financial economies, calibrated to produce reasonable scenarios analyses of policy choices
  • D8.3           A simulator prototype with an interactive user interface, capable of providing valuable insight to policy makers
  • D8.4           Two research papers to be submitted to high quality journal