WP5 Online economic game

We will create an online role-playing game in which players can take on different roles and observe simulated economic outcomes. The game will use the agent-based model to perform all the budgetary calculations, set prices, and implement constraints as needed.

One purpose of this game will be to collect data on decision-making. These games could potentially involve hundreds of participants from around the world.

A second purpose will be as a tool to build people’s understanding of economics. A minor variation of the online game can be used as a role-playing game with small groups of players, such as a group of policymakers. Such a game could raise public awareness of economics, which could aid in the dissemination of results while also increasing public understanding.

Key objectives

  • Create and run an online economic game in which players in different locations can do role-playing and observe the collective outcome of their actions through the internet.
  • Create a version of the same game, in which players are in the same location, to be used by policymakers.
  • Use the data collected from this game to better understand economic decision-making.
  • Increase public awareness of nonlinear feedback effects in economics.


  • D5.1          Game architecture
  • D5.2          Integration plan
  • D5.3          On-line game
  • D5.4          A role-playing game for players in the same geographic location
  • D5.5          Test plan
  • D5.6          Test report