Meeting at Palermo

We had a great meeting in Palermo with the Macro Experts. I believe we had a fruitful discussion and it was a great step forward to the Mark 2 model in an exceptional city.

-Richard Legéndi

New Publication @ ECPAM conference

We have submitted the final version of our paper to the ECPAM conference.

Abstract This paper examines model replication in the context of agent-based simulation through two case studies. Replication of a computational model and validation of its results is an essential tool for scientific researchers, but it is rarely used by modelers. In our work we address the question of validating and verifying simulations in general, and summarize our experience in approaching different models through replication with different motivations. Two models are discussed in details. The first one is an agent-based spatial adaptation of a numerical model, while the second experiment addresses the exact replication of an existing economic model.

Find the details of the publication here.

–  Richard Legéndi

Crisis meeting @ London

We have just arrived to London to the Crisis Meeting held at the City University!

On the first sight, London is a beautiful historical city, hope we’ll have some time to have a short sightseeing 😉

The meeting will be quite interesting because we’ll have representatives from central banks and regulatory agencies and we’ll have the possibility to collaborate.

M6 Technical Review

We had a tiring day. Long presentations, long discussions. Tough, but well placed questions by the reviewers. In the end, we have managed to put together a strong case for our project. Got some excellent suggestions from the reviewers, too.