ECPAM presentation

Yesterday I presented my recent work at the ECPAM, the European Conference on Political Attitudes and Mentalities. You can find the electronic paper here, and the presentation slides below.


Krugman on Neoclassical Economics

There was a recent thread about the $subject on the SimSoc mailing list about Paul Krugman's article in The New York Times. I believe it worth a few minutes to take a look on them :-)

New Publication @ ECPAM conference

We have submitted the final version of our paper to the ECPAM conference.

Abstract This paper examines model replication in the context of agent-based simulation through two case studies. Replication of a computational model and validation of its results is an essential tool for scientific researchers, but it is rarely used by modelers. In our work we address the question of validating and verifying simulations in general, and summarize our experience in approaching different models through replication with different motivations. Two models are discussed in details. The first one is an agent-based spatial adaptation of a numerical model, while the second experiment addresses the exact replication of an existing economic model.

Find the details of the publication here.

Latsis Symposium 2012: Call for contributed talks/papers


On 11-14 September 2012 ETH Zurich will organize Latsis Symposium 2012 which will focus on financial networks, behavioral economics and systemic risk. 

WEHIA Presentation @ Paris

I've just finished my presentation entitled "Replication of the MacroABM Model: Replication Issues in the Context of Economic Agents" at the 17th Annual Workshop on Economic Heterogeneous Interacting Agents, WEHIA 2012 conference!

Abstract Agent-based approaches are getting more and more attention recently. In our current work we replicated the initial model of Domenico Delli Gatti et al. described in their work entitled Macroeconomics from the Bottom-up. We address the question of validating and verifying simulations in general, also in the context of economic modelling, and summarize the lessons we learnt from the replication of the aforementioned model. The results highlight the importance of explicit documentation of the actors, timing of the events, and partial results that replicate the hallmarks of the model which can be verified independently with a set of simulation runs.

Keywords replication, simulation, complex adaptive systems, emergent economics

You can find the paper here, and I've also embedded the presentation slides below. I am going to add it to the Crisis Documents soon.

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