Università Politecnica delle Marche (UPM)

The Department of Economics at UnivPM is one of the leading departments in Italy. The research group led by Mauro Gallegati works on behavioral, agent-based macroeconomic models, as well as research in empirical micro and macro issues related to financially driven fluctuations.

Main tasks in the project:

UPM will put its significant expertise in working and analyzing databases containing economic indicators at the service of the whole consortium. UPM has, in fact, access to a wide range of balance sheet data and has developed a strong experience in the analysis and treatment of aggregate economic indicators also containing fine grained microeconomic data. UPM will therefore be extensively involved in WP1 and help in the building of a comprehensive historical database integrating data gained from the various partners and putting them together with new data.

UPM will also be involved in the development of an agent-based model of the macroeconomy (WP3). Mauro Gallegati, together with Domenico Delli Gatti and other collaborators, has already created a MABM model including households, firms, and banks that will serve as a basis to build a more complex and sophisticated model of the housing market, and an improved model of the transmission of stress in the financial sector to the real economy.