Commisariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA)

CEA-Saclay is a large research centre that was created in the fifties to deal with nuclear energy. It has since expanded in a large number of directions, including theoretical physics, statistical physics, environmental science and biology. Services de Physique Théorique et de l’EtatCondensé are two groups in the same building, sharing many projects, in particular in modelling complex systems, for example granular media, glasses and self-propelled assemblies. These groups are very well known internationally, with a large flow of students, Post-Docs and visitors. The computer resources at CEA are also very important.

Main tasks in the project:

CEA will explore and study the mechanisms that lead to the mergence of endogenous instabilities and crises. Agent based models and numerical simulations will be used in order to identify the effects of such instabilities on both the individual decision making process as well as on interactions and feedback. CEA will also devise and investigate mathematical models for expectation and decision, alternative to utility maximisation, that take into account limited processing resources,
uncertainty, learning & heuristics, framing, habits, etc.
Key CEA personnel working on th