AITIA International, Inc. (AITIA)

AITIA International was created in 2005. Its predecessors, however, have been active since 1994. The company is a SME that is engaged in research and development based production of innovative software and hardware products. The company’s expertise spans from telecommunications (research on SS7 and IP protocols for maintaining Quality of Service), to speech technology (speech recognition and speech synthesis systems), to agent technology (multi-agent systems, simulation and modelling). The vision joining these activities is the aim to market products and services based on cutting edge research results. Pursuing this vision, AITIA takes part in several international and national R&D projects and runs business lines that range from custom software development for large international companies, via system integration and user software development, to consultancy in the modeling and analysis of complex social systems.

Main tasks in the project:

AITIA is responsible of the creation of an on-line economic game in which players can do role playing and observe the collective outcome of their actions through the internet. Data collected from the game will be used to better understand decision making processes in realistic economic environments and will serve to the development of a simulation based
decision-support tool to help policy-makers analyse the modelled economic simulations.