Latsis Symposium 2012 – Economics on the Move: Trends and Challenges from the Natural Sciences


From 12 – 14 September 2012, we (Frank Schweitzer, Ernst Fehr, Didier Sornette) organize the
      Latsis Symposium 2012
Economics on the Move: Trends and Challenges from the Natural Sciences as a high-level conference to be held at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. More information can be be found at:
The day preceding the Latsis Symposium, TUE 11 September 2012, is reserved for a SATELLITE WORKSHOP that addresses in three parallel tracks the relation between economics and other quantitative sciences from different viewpoints.
Contributed talks (30 min) invited to the following parallel tracks:
1. Modeling financial systems
   Track Chair: Stefano Battiston
   Keynote Speaker: Rosario Mantegna (Palermo)
2. Agent-based Models in Economics
   Track Chair: Giorgio Fagiolo
   Keynote Speaker: Giovanni Dosi (Pisa)
3. Econophysics Colloquium
   Track Chair: Tobias Preis
   Keynote Speaker: Jean-Philipp Bouchaud (Paris)
To submit a contributed talk, please register at:
The following scientific communities have granted their patronage to the satellite workshop, which merges the
    APFA – Applications of Physics in Financial Analysis
    WEHIA – Workshop on Economic Heterogeneous Interacting Agents Econophysics Colloquium
The Organizers particularly invite contributions from members of these communities which allows them to organize a joint conference.
There is a registration fee of CHF 80 for the Satellite workshop, to be paid by every participant via paypal. This covers the service during the lunch and coffee breaks.
Participants, who have registered for the Satellite Workshop, can attend the Latsis Symposium free of charge, without additional registration.
There is a very limited possibility for 3-6 contributed talks (30 min) on each day of the Latsis Symposium. Contributed talks will be selected by the organizers from all submissions to the Satellite Workshop, on a competitive basis. As a reward for being selected, the Organizers offer a grant of CHF 500 to support travel and lodging.
For further questions, please visit: or contact the Organizers at [email protected]
On behalf of the organizers of the Latsis Symposium (which include Ernst Fehr and Didier Sornette), the Satellite Workshop (which include Stefano Battiston, Giorgio Fagiolo and Tobias Preis) and Frank Schweitzer
Please note that early registration is highly recommended because the number of participants is limited.